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    One:universal material testing machine series
    1. Accuracy 0.5 magnitude series
    2. Accuracy 1.0 magnitude series
    3. Hydraulic pressure tester series
    4. Container pressure test machine series
    5. Lie force tension tester series
    6. Push pull plan series
    7. Force measurement instrument and sensor series
    8. Common fixture series
    9.Non-standard customized force measurement device
    Two:rubber industry products testing machine
    Three:new energy technology (solar pv, battery)
    Four:environmental testing machine series
    Five:viscose materials, packaging, paper series
    Six:shoes, leather industry series
    Seven:baby carriages, sport equipment series
    Eight:bags, handbags class series
    Nine:hardware, wire testing machine series
    Ten:office furniture testing machine series
    Eleven:the laboratory commonly used consumables
    Twelve:machinery, assolenoid style vibration
    About Us  


       Shanghai Heng Yu instrument limited company specializing in the production of various types of tensile testing machine, universal testing machine, peel strength testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, high and low temperature testing machine and other quality control instrument, is Taiwan Hengyu instruments limited set up branch offices in Shanghai. Taiwan Hengyu instruments was founded in the year 1992is integrated in the R & D, manufacturing, services for high-tech ventures. In order to better serve users in mainland China, the company registered in mainland China Shanghai Heng Yu Instrument Company Limited ( Alibaba integrity of the enterprise for sixth years ), and one after another in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong establishment service department. Have been to the company to" first-class talents, first-class technology, first-class service" for the founding of the country, with "integrity, quality, service, and efficient" for the purpose, the use of advanced processing equipment and superb technology, strict management system, strong technical strength and good after sale service to meet customer demand. Production is suitable for automobile and motorcycle parts, new energy and new materials, rubber, plastics, footwear leather, metal plating industry, packaging, wire and cable industry, toys, baby carriages, textile industry, quality control testing equipment more than 300.

        The company has been established in accordance with the ISO9001:2000 standards of quality assurance management system. The company will uphold the Hengyu instruments consistent professionalism and quality, adhere to quality-oriented, service for the business philosophy, as in the past for the new and old customers, to provide the most professional quality control testing equipment. Company commitment: to provide you with a full range of pre-sale, sale, after sale service. Selection to provide comprehensive technical support, to provide free technical training, regular visits, product life-long repair.

        The company can be customized according to user requirements of various types of specifications of instruments. Welcome letter calls advisory!12

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