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    One:universal material testing machine series
    1. Accuracy 0.5 magnitude series
    2. Accuracy 1.0 magnitude series
    3. Hydraulic pressure tester series
    4. Container pressure test machine series
    5. Lie force tension tester series
    6. Push pull plan series
    7. Force measurement instrument and sensor series
    8. Common fixture series
    9.Non-standard customized force measurement device
    Two:rubber industry products testing machine
    Three:new energy technology (solar pv, battery)
    Four:environmental testing machine series
    Five:viscose materials, packaging, paper series
    Six:shoes, leather industry series
    Seven:baby carriages, sport equipment series
    Eight:bags, handbags class series
    Nine:hardware, wire testing machine series
    Ten:office furniture testing machine series
    Eleven:the laboratory commonly used consumables
    Twelve:machinery, assolenoid style vibration
    500N:HY-940C Computerized tension tester (desktop)
    500N:HY-940CS Servo type tension tester (desktop)
    2KN:HY-939C Computerized tension tester
    2KN:HY-939 CS computer servo type tension tester
    5KN:HY-932C computerized tension tester
    5KN:HY-932CD Computerized tension tester
    20KN:HY-932CS Computer servo type tension tester
    20KN:HY-932CSD Computer servo type tension tester
    HY-932CSG Servo high temperature tension tester
    50KNthe following:HY-931 C computer tension tester
    50KN:HY-931CScomputer servo type testing machine
    100 the pressure test machine, computer KN
    100KN below:HY-930CS Computer servo tension tester
    200KN:HY-929CS computer servo testing machine
    300KNY below:HY-928CS Computer servo type tension
    HY-950S Microcomputer tension tester
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